Leg Straps & Surcingles

16 Results
16 Results

In order for a blanket to stay securely in place, the straps and surcingles much be properly adjusted. However, as any equestrian will tell you, these are the first pieces of the blanket to become filthy, break or even just go missing.

We have the solution! Our extensive selection of blanket replacement pieces will ensure that your horse is able to continue wearing their blanket, even in the event of a mishap. Carrying horse blanket parts from companies like Horseware, Roma, Schneiders, and WeatherBeeta, we can help you return your stable sheet, turnout sheet, stable blanket, or winter blanket to working order. Our assortment of blanket repair pieces include surcingles, chest straps, tail straps and leg straps.

Leg straps keep your blanket securely centered on your horse's body; without them, the blanket may drastically shift and cause even cause your horse to get tangled in his blanket. The Roma 2 Clip Elastic Leg Straps attach to the d-ring on your horse's sheet or blanket to quickly and easily replace stretched-out, broken, or missing legstraps.

We also have problem solving blanket equipment. If your horse's blanket has a short surcingle (or if your horse has put on a few extra pounds), check out the Schneiders Adjustable Bellyband Extenders. They easily attach to the existing belly band and add a few inches of elastic girth.

For surcingles and leg straps that routinely detach at a moment's whim, grab a bag of Surcingle T Locks from Equi-Essentials. These small rubber loops keep your blanket securely fastened once they are quickly slid over the metal t-hook.

If you need assistance selecting the proper strap, surcingle, or replacement piece for your horse's blanket, please consult with our friendly sales associates who have years of hands-on horse and pony experience.