Feed-Through Fly Prevention

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12 Results
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Some horses are extremely sensitive to topical fly prevention, breaking out in hives when it is applied. Unfortunately, these same horses are often the ones that severe reactions to insect bites, with large oozing welts appearing in an instant. At The Cheshire Horse, we have the perfect solution for these horses.

Feed-Through Fly Prevention products are becoming increasingly popular with our customers. Carrying an extensive selection from trusted companies like Animed, Arenus, Farnam, Hilton Herbs, and HorseTech, we help our customers form a well-rounded approach to insect control in their barn. These oral supplements not only repel insects from both your horses and their manure, they also interrupt the bugs' reproduction cycle which drastically reduces the amount of flies in your barn and paddocks.

Garlic is a popular ingredient in feed-through fly control products. Not only does this all-natural ingredient tout many health benefits, it also causes high-sulfur compounds to be excreted through the horse's skin. This provides an invisible barrier that flies just can't stand! Harness the power of this natural superfood with Equilite Fly Away Garlic, Cheshire Horse Garlic, Hilton Herbs Bye Bye Fly Garlic Powder, and Animed 100% Natural Garlic Powder. For horses that live on pasture during the summer months, the Horslyx Garlic Lick is an excellent way to allow your horses to control their own supplementation.

SimpliFly Feed-Thru Fly Control with LarvaStop from Farnam effectively stops the flies reproductive cycle. It prevents the larva of house flies and stable flies that have been laid in the manure from developing into mature adults. This innovative supplement has been granted reduced risk pesticide status by the Environmental Protection Agency and contains no organophosphates, making it a popular option among our customers.

Our experienced sales staff are always available to answer any questions you may have about fly-through fly prevention as well as other insect control options.