Farm Life

60 Results
60 Results

Is your child enthusiastic about farm life? Invite the incredible animals on the farm into your home with our extensive selection of Schleich Models. Manufactured from durable rubber with lifelike molds and completed with highly realistic paint jobs, Schleich farm animal models encourage a love of livestock and the hard work that goes into raising them.

Build your child’s farmyard collection with a herd of model cows or a flock of Schleich chicken models and Schleich duck models. Add a dose of cuteness with our Schleich baby animal models. These adorable toys showcase the youngest animals on the farm including piglet models, lamb models, goat kid models, kitten models, donkey foal models, and calf models.

For added fun and enjoyment, shop our Scheich playsets which truly bring the farmyard to life. From chicken coops and rabbit hutches to an entire dairy farm set, these toy sets will provide for hours of imaginative play.

In addition to our farm animal models and farm life playsets, we also carry a full selection of Schleich model horses and Schleich model dogs.

For your young farmer, consider building a collection of Schleich farm life toys. If you have any questions regarding the Schleich toys that we carry or would a personalized product recommendation for your budding farmyard enthusiast, we invite you to speak with a member of our friendly and highly-trained sales staff.