Performance Pads

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22 Results

Your horse works hard under saddle, so your saddle pad should too! We carry a wide selection of performance saddle pads specifically designed to support the Western equine athlete. Utilizing innovative fabrics and technologically-advanced features, Western performance pads keep your horse’s back comfortable and help prevent sore backs and stiff muscles.

We carry saddle pads that are appropriate for a number of Western disciplines, including Western pleasure, horsemanship, ranch riding, trail, reining, roping, gymkhana, pleasure riding, and trail riding. Available in a rainbow of colors and a wide range of styles, we carry Western saddle pads from your favorite equestrian brands, such as Toklat, Thinline, Diamond Wool, Professional's Choice, and Reinsman. Many of these pads are designed to reflect your horse’s anatomy, showcasing spine and wither relief panels. These promote free movement and suppleness through your horse’s topline. Specialized panels also assist in evenly distributing the weight of the rider and the saddle.

Specific models of saddle pads feature air-flow technology, which diverts warm air and excess moisture away from your horse’s back. This maximizes comfort while minimizing muscle fatigue and back soreness.

These pads are popular for both daily schooling and competitive rides. When using a performance pad liner in the show pen, we recommend covering it with a thin, colorful saddle blanket to give your show ring turn out a polished appearance.

See how the right saddle pad can amplify your horse’s performance and keep them at the top of their game. If you have any questions regarding the specialized Western performance pads that we stock or would like assistance choosing the best saddle pad for your hardworking equine companion, we invite you to speak to a member of our friendly and highly-trained sales staff with years of hands-on horse experience.