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41 Results
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As anyone who has ridden an extremely anxious horse will tell you, it can be nerve-wracking and even a bit scary. For horses that exhibit nervous energy, it can take a lot more than a quick spin around the ring to get them show ring ready. Help your horse manage anxiety with a calming supplement from The Cheshire Horse.

Many of the supplements that we carry contain the essential mineral magnesium. Magnesium has a number of uses in the body, but in regards to anxious horses, it is important to note that magnesium is necessary in the production of hormones that regulate the adrenaline responses that assist in keeping horses calm. Supplements such as Grand Calm, Animed Via-Calm Calming Vitamin & Mineral Supplement, and Uckele Seroquine Powder all contain high levels of magnesium.

Thiamine, also referred to as Vitamin B1, is another ingredient that is frequently seen in calming supplements. This vitamin helps to determine how the body releases energy that has been stored, and it has a role in the activity of the nervous system. Fed in high quantities, thiamin can give nervous horses a calmer demeanor. Finish Line Thia-Cal, Ex Stress, and Divine Equine Daily Pellet all contain ample amounts of this water soluble vitamin.

For horses that do not need continuous supplementation, we have calming supplements that can be given on an "as-needed" basis. Calming pastes, such as CalmBalance EQ Gel, Cavalor Take It Easy, and Perfect Prep EQ Supreme Calming Paste are popular at competitions or before a stressful situation such as transportation or veterinarian visits.

We invite you to connect with our experienced sales staff for a complimentary consultation regarding your horse's diet and supplementation needs.

Please note: most of the calming supplements that we sell are legal to compete with, however we recommend that you speak with your veterinarian and consult your association's rulebook before competing with any calming supplement.