Saddle Covers & Bags

21 Results
21 Results

Whether you ride daily or just once in a while, proper storage of your saddle is a necessity in order to protect your investment. A saddle cover prevents dust from accumulating on your saddle and scratches from occuring when it is not in use. At The Cheshire Horse, we carry a wide array of English saddle covers to fit dressage saddles, close contact saddles, jumping saddles, endurance saddles, and children’s saddles.

Available in a rainbow of colors, our collection of protective saddle covers will appeal to equestrians of every taste. Pick up a subtle black cover or showcase your personality with a bold pattern; we even have flamingos! Shop our economical plastic saddle covers and high-quality fleece-lined saddle covers from your favorite equestrian brands including Art Of Riding, Cashel, Intrepid International, and Shires Equestrian.

A saddle cover can also protect your saddle from moisture, mildew, and uninvited guests such as rodents and barn cats who may like to make the seat of your saddle their bed. Matching saddle covers also give your tack room a uniform and organized look.

Properly care for your saddle with a new durable saddle cover. If you have questions about the English saddle covers that we carry or would like assistance choosing the best saddle cover for your English saddle, we invite you to speak with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff who have years of hands on experience in the barn and in the saddle.