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When you tuck your horse in for the night, what is he sleeping on? While it may seem simple, bedding requires serious consideration to ensure that you are making the proper selection for both you and your horse.

Fortunately, we carry a wide variety of bedding options, both in-store and online. Carrying items from brands such as Taylor Select, Lucerne Farms, New Country Organics, and Espoma, we have everything that you need to keep your horses and other livestock comfortable and healthy in their stalls, run-ins, and more.

Some of the top considerations that should be made when selecting bedding are the amount of dust, level of absorbency, availability, disposal, and cost. Straw and pine shavings are popular options, but we also carry alternative bedding options like pine pellets and chopped hemp.

Depending on what type of bedding you use, a bedding additive may be necessary to eliminate ammonia and other noxious odors. Sweet PDZ and Odor-No-More Bedding Deodorizer Additive help you to control smells and moisture within your horse's stall. This not only makes the environment more pleasant for you and your horse, but it is an essential piece to maintaining their respiratory health. Ammonia has been proven to irritate and damage the respiratory system.

If you have rubber mats in your stalls, you will need less bedding than if you have concrete floors. Consider installing mats as a way to provide a comfortable base for your horse to stand on. They also make cleaning stalls much easier!

We know that selecting the right bedding and bedding additives for your stable can be difficult. We invite you to talk to our experienced sales staff to aid in making your purchase.