Leather Cleaners

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55 Results
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Gently remove dirt, sweat, and dander from your horse's tack and equipment with our selection of leather cleaning products. These products work to clean the leather without stripping the natural oils and damaging the integrity of the leather.

Economical and long lasting, bars of saddle soap are popular in many busy barns and are frequently seen at tack cleaning stations. We carry a number of quality saddle soaps from trusted equestrian brands including Feibings, Durvet, Stubben, Passier, and MOSS.

Liquid saddle soaps and leather cleaning creams make quick work of large tack cleaning projects. Easily spray or pump the product onto a sponge or applicator and then wipe away the grime. Shop our liquid tack cleaners from quality tack supply manufacturers including Lexol, Effax, Bickmore, Farnam, and Nikwax.

If you are looking for the ultimate in tack cleaning convenience, turn your attention to all-in-one leather cleaning products. They clean the tack and then deposit oils and moisturizers into the leather, which preserves the leather and keeps it in top condition. Many quality tack care brands produce these versatile products that allow you to care for your tack and equipment in a single step. Shop these complete leather care products from your favorite brands including Leather CPR, Leovet, Rapide, and Absorbine.

In addition to our leather cleaners, we also carry a full selection of leather care products including leather dressings, leather oils, leather conditioners, leather polishes, leather dyes, and leather weatherproofing supplies.

Learn more about proper tack cleaning procedures on our blog post, TLC: Tack Love and Care. If you have any questions regarding the leather cleaners that we carry or would like assistance choosing the right tack cleaning product for you, we encourage you to speak with a member of our friendly sales staff who have years of hands on horse-ownership experience.