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3 Results
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Tackle horse flies, mosquitoes, and other biting insects with a tried and true method - with a fly whisk. When you observe your horses in the pasture, you often see them standing head to tail. This allows them to relax while gently flicking the bugs from their friend’s face. A fly whisk emulates a horse’s tail, and in fact, many are manufactured from genuine horsehair.

Fly whisks are convenient tools that allow you to physically remove potentially disease-carrying biting insects from your horse quickly, without alarming him. Many equestrians consider them trail riding essentials. Our selection of fly whisks comes from the finest equine brands, such as County, Exselle, and Goddard. If you and your horse are comfortable with you carrying a crop in the arena, you can easily switch to one of these indispensable forms of equine fly control.

A convenient wrist loop makes it easy to hang onto your fly whisk no matter where your ride takes you. Made in England, the exquisite Horse Hair Fly Whisk from County features a leather-wrapped handle and a bamboo shaft. We also carry the economical Exselle Fly Whisk for the budget-conscious equestrian. 

For increased protection, consider spraying your fly whisk with ready-to-use fly spray. Learn this equestrian life hack and more on our blog, Insect Control for the Trail Rider.

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