Shims and Shim Pads

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33 Results

Saddle pads protect both your horse’s back and your saddle when you ride your horse. At The Cheshire Horse, we carry a full selection of saddle pads as well as saddle pad accessories to ensure that you and your horse can enjoy your rides and put in your best performance possible.

Saddle shims, when paired with an appropriate corrective half pad or therapeutic saddle pad, allow you to adjust the fit of your saddle. These are a popular option for providing a custom saddle fit, especially if you ride a young horse or multiple horses in the same saddle. Combat saddle rocking, saddle bridging, and tilted saddles when you utilize corrective saddle shims. We carry a variety of saddle fitting shims from trusted equestrian brands including ThinLine, Wintec, and Toklat. Learn more about the importance of saddle fit on our blog post, The Effects of Poor Saddle Fit.

In the show ring, you only get one chance to make a first impression. Give your turnout a put together look when you use a saddle pad that displays your number. Frequently seen on the stock horse circuits, these pads keep your exhibitor number easily in view to the judge from every angle. They also protect your number, preventing it from ripping when exposed to rain or excess sweat. We carry number saddle pads and exhibitor number booklets (to allow you to display your number on both sides of the saddle pad) from World Class Equestrian.

Keep your horse comfortable and your show ring turnout impeccable when you shop our saddle pad accessories. If you have questions regarding the saddle fit tools that we carry or would like assistance making your competition apparel purchase, we encourage you to speak to a member of our friendly and highly trained sales staff. For our local customers, we are also pleased to offer professional saddle fitting services. Contact us today to set up your saddle fitting appointment.