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82 Results

Owners of horses, livestock, and pets often choose to clip their animals' coats for different reasons. Horses working hard in the winter often benefit from clipping, so they work up less of a sweat during exercise. Show riders generally clip their horse to tidy up the muzzle, face, bridle path, and legs. Pet owners even benefit from clipping to keep their dogs and cats well-groomed and cooler in the summer. At The Cheshire Horse, we understand the need to invest in a dependable and safe pair of clippers that can do many jobs, so we carry an extensive variety of options for all budgets and needs.

The Cheshire Horse carries clippers from trusted brands like Wahl, Oster, and Andis. Traditional corded clippers, like the Wahl Show Pro Clippers or Andis Excel 5-Speed+ Detachable Blade Clippers, are often the highest-powered models with multiple speeds. These clippers are great for tough jobs and usually last longer. If you're looking for more freedom when clipping, consider a pair of rechargeable cordless clippers like the Oster PowerPro Ultra Cordless Clipper, a highly-effective lightweight model. The Oster A6 Cool Comfort Heavy Duty Clipper is another great model from Oster that is ultra lightweight and comfortably designed to use for full-body clipping.

Learn more about equine body clip types, tips for working with nervous horses, clipper shopping tips, and clipper care suggestions to extend the lifetime of your supplies on our blog.

Just need a trim? We carry a series of small, packable trimmers to take with you on the go. The Wahl Super Pocket Pro Trimmer is great to take to a horse show or even to keep in the house to trim your dog's paws. The Tail Tamer Horse Nose Shaver is another quick option for tidying up in a pinch - and you can buy a 6-pack for a great value!

Shop our selection of replacement blades for all major clipper brands, as well as accessories like blade oil, cleaner, and comb attachments.