Halter Accessories

35 Results
35 Results

Seen in every barn, a halter and lead rope are perhaps the most used pieces of equipment that an equestrian can own for his or her horse. Used for routine care, grooming, training, and trailering, your halter is essential to your routine.

We carry a wide selection of halter accessories to ensure that your halter is performing at its best and doing all that you need it to do.

Transportation can be a stressful event for your horse. When trailering your horse, we recommend that you use a head bumper to protect your horse's tender poll area in the event of a trailering incident. We have head bumpers available from Cashel, Thinline, Tory Leather, and Intrepid International.

Your leather halter can also cause rubs on your horse's nose, cheeks, and other delicate skin during a long trailer ride. Cushion your horse's face during a haul with fleece padding. The Fleeceworks Sheepskin Halter Set, Coolback Halter Set, and Triple E Halter Cover Fleece Tube Kit quickly attach to your horse's halter and are easy to remove after the trip for cleaning.

Your halter lies over a highly sensitive and important area of the horse, the poll. The poll is where the skull and the neck vertebrae connect, and any pain or tension in this area can interfere with the health of the spinal cord. Help your horse manage discomfort with a poll pad; these therapeutic pads, such as the Back on Track Poll Cover, help to stimulate blood flow. These innovative poll covers may increase your horse's performance or even change their demeanor.

If your favorite halter has seen better days, don't be dismayed. We carry an assortment of halter replacement parts and pieces, including Centaur and Weaver Breakaway Halter Fuses and Weaver and Tory Leather Breakaway Halter Replacement Crowns.

Do you have questions about how you and your horse can benefit from our array of halter accessories? Our experienced sales associates are always available to talk with you about your situation. We love chatting with our customers, especially about horses!