Bell Boots

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33 Results

Bell boots, also known as overreach boots, are worn to minimize the effects of your horse overreaching. Overreaching is when your horse's hind feet clip the pasterns, heels, hoof, or shoes in the front feet when they are moving. This can injure your horse and may also cause your horse to pull shoes. Bell boots protect these delicate areas and aid in keeping your horse's shoes nailed securely in place.

There are two main styles of bell boots, pull-on bell boots and bell boots that fasten around your horse's hoof. Traditionally, equestrians choose the gum rubber pull-on variety for turnout, riding the mud, eventing, and trail riding, as they stay put even during playful antics in the paddock and when riding on rough terrain. The Weaver Gum Rubber Bell Boots, the Beval Italian Pull On Bell Boots, and the Equus Ribbed Bell Boots are popular among many of our customers and are available in the classic natural color, as well as black and white.

Bell Boots that feature a hook-and-loop fastening system are easy to put on and take off of your horse. These popular boots from trusted brands such as Professionals Choice, Woof Wear, Back on Track, Roma, and Diamond Wool, come in a number of materials that form fit to your horse's hooves, including rubber, PVC, durable canvas, and even kevlar options.

Some horses are extremely sensitive and are prone to rubs in the pastern area when they wear bell boots consistently. Several of the boots that we carry have fur or padding around the pastern that eliminate irritation, including the ThinLine Sheepskin Bell Boots and the Jacks Fleece Lined Bell Boots.

Is your horse a candidate for bell boots? Check out our blog post about Horse Boots & Wraps. If you have questions about any of our products or would like assistance selecting the right bell boots for your horse, we invite to reach out to a member of our friendly sales staff who have years of hands-on horse experience.