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24 Results
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Is your horse going stir crazy in his stall or paddock? Perhaps you have a horse that you are trying to occupy while on stall rest? Look no further than the extensive selection of horse toys at The Cheshire Horse.

Every horse has their own unique personality, and some require mental stimulation than others. We want to help you access your horse's playful side with a toy from Horsemen's Pride, Jolly Pets, Likit, Shires, or Uncle Jimmy's. In addition to adding a bit of fun to your horse's life, toys can discourage vices such as weaving, cribbing, pawing, and stall walking.

To keep your horse actively foraging, check out the Shires Equestrian Ball Feeder which dispenses small amounts of grain as your knocks it around the pasture or stall. For horses who need no excuses to play ball, the iconic Horsemen's Pride Jolly Ball is known for being practically indestructible.

For the horses that need something to do while cooped up in their stalls, the Likit Tongue Twister provides hours of entertainment when loaded with one of many flavored Likit Treat Refills (sold seperately). The Uncle Jimmy's Hangin Balls are another barnyard favorite, as a long-term, boredom busting treat!

Do you need help selecting the perfect toy for your playful pony? Talk to one of our experienced sales staff to see how we can help you keep your horse entertained.