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131 Results
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Who doesn't love a treat? Nothing makes your horse happier than getting their favorite tasty treat. At The Cheshire Horse, we're known for our enormous selection of all-natural and affordable horse treats. With a selection of fresh on the market treats and the good old favorites, we have the treat you and your horse are looking for.

Don't worry if your horse is on a special diet; they can enjoy treats too. Whether your horse suffers from Cushing's, a metabolic condition, or is prone to founder, we can find a treat for you and your horse. Buckeye Apple Snap Treats are made with all-natural ingredients and have no sugar added, which is great for those horses who need a low sugar diet. Read our blog for more information regarding nutritional management of insulin resistant horses.

Treats are more than just sweets for horses. They can help with training and behavioral modification, as well as showing your horse you love them. Some treats are designed for a specific purpose such as the Majesty's Flex Wafers, which add vitamins and minerals to your horse's diet to help ease joint pain. We have calming treats like the Majesty's Kalm which add the necessary vitamins to help keep a horse calm. Treats like this would come in handy if you have a horse that is nervous trailering. Combine giving these treats with loading and unloading at home, and you can help your horse feel safe in the trailer.

Treats come in different forms too. The Boredom Breaker horse hanging horse treat can entertain a horse while they are confined to stall rest due to an injury. Hanging treats can help to curb wood chewing and cribbing, weaving, and other undesirable stall behaviors. Uncle Jimmy's Hangin Balls and Uncle Jimmy's Licky Thing are a few customer favorites.

Need to give medication to a horse who is a picky eater? Hide the pills in a horse treat like the Dimple's Horse Treats, and you'll be sure your horse is getting the right dose because they'll gobble it down. Looking for an extra special treat for your beloved horse? Give them a decadent gourmet treat like German Horse Muffins.

The Cheshire Horse is your place to shop for quality horse treats, with a selection this large you can be sure to find a treat you and your horse will love.