Plain Reins

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12 Results
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Just like most of your tack, selecting your reins is a matter of personal preference. Some equestrians prefer plain reins since they are less bulky than their laced or rubber counterparts. As their name suggests, these reins do not have any lacing, stitching, or other adornments. At The Cheshire Horse, we pride ourselves in our extensive selection of these reins, carrying pairs from Bobby's English Tack, Gatsby, Horze, KL Select, E. Jeffries & Sohn, and many other quality equestrian manufacturers.

For the traditionalist look, the Jeffries Plain Leather Reins are made from the finest English leather available in Walsall, England. Making these reins even more unique, they are manufactured utilizing the same time-tested design and technique developed by Jeffries Saddlery in the late 1960s.

Plain reins with stoppers are ideal for when you need to slip the reins through your fingers. The stoppers let you maintain a grip, but the smooth surface allows them to glide through your fingers without getting stuck. Movements like the free walk and the stretching trot circle make these reins a popular choice among dressage riders. The Bobby's English Tack Dressage Flat Leather Reins with Stops are available in black and many shades of brown to ensure that you can match any color and style bridle. 

We also have an extensive selection of thin, plain reins that are typically used as curb reins. Used predominantly with a double bridle or a pelham bridle, these thin reins are used to differentiate themselves from the thicker, traditionally laced snaffle rein.

For assistance in purchasing your next pair of reins, you are welcome to reach out to our experienced sales staff.