Fencing Kits

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16 Results
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No matter what type of livestock or poultry you may have, The Cheshire Horse has a fencing solution for you. From chicken and goats to horses and cows, proper fencing is essential to the welfare of your animals. Fencing kits are a convenient way to ensure that you have everything that you need on-hand before you begin your fencing project.

With fencing kits from trusted manufacturers such as Gallagher, Origin Point Brands, Patriot, Powerfields, and Speedrite, we have many temporary, permanent, and semi-permanent fencing options available for our customers.

Keep your bees safe from bears and other predators with the Powerfields Bee/Bear Netting. This fencing protects your beehive(s), while still allowing your bees to come and go as they please. Whether you are an experienced beekeeper or new to the hobby, this is must-have product.

For equestrians that frequently trail ride long distances or travel with their horse, the Speedrite Equine Corral Kit allows you to quickly set up a temporary electric pasture for your horse. Perfect for camping with your horse, the fencing is battery powered which allows it to be completely portable. It even comes in its own carrying case for added convenience!

Smaller livestock requires their own unique fencing. The Powerfields Commercial Grazier Netting, Patriot Sheep Netting, and Gallagher Sheep and Goat Fence - ElectroNet help you keep your animals safe, secure, and contained.

Our experienced sales associates are always available to answer any questions you may have. We also offer fencing installation for our local customers. Contact us to set up an estimate.