Other Draft Products

15 Results
15 Results

At The Cheshire Horse, we love draft horses. In fact, we actively support a local draft rescue, Draft Gratitude, to show just how much we care for these gentle giants. We believe that draft horses deserve the same selection of items as their smaller counterparts, so we work hard to carry a full array of draft-sized products online and in-store.

With increased proportions to fit and flatter draft heads, we carry bridles for Triple E Manufacturing and Perri's Leather products. If you have an existing bridle that fits your horse, pair it with a pair of our Henri de Rivel Pro Extra Long Flat Laced Reins to give you a soft feel of your horse's mouth.

Due to their wide trees and broad shoulders, it can be difficult to keep your saddle properly positioned on your draft horse's back. The Intrepid Draft Horse Nylon Western Breastplate helps to stabilize your saddle and keep it from slipping too far back.

Protect your horse's legs from injury with a pair of draft-sized boots. Performance boots, like the Tough-1 Extreme Vented Sport Boot For Drafts, provide support for the tendons and ligaments, making them ideal for driving and riding. Splint boots, such as the Intrepid Draft Splint Boot, protect the inside of your horse's legs and help to prevent splints from popping, we love these durable and easy-to wear boots for turnout and trail riding.

Does your horse fall in between oversized and draft sizing? Do you need suggestions on tack that may work for your horse? Contact a member of our friendly sales team for exact measurements and personalized recommendations so that you can be confident in your purchase.