Asian & Australian Wildlife

24 Results
24 Results

We invite you to explore the incredible animals that make the continents of Asia and Australian their home when you shop our selection of Schleich Australian and Asian wildlife models. Crafted from durable rubber with highly detailed paint jobs, these incredibly realistic toy animals will encourage your child to expand their knowledge of the animal kingdom while providing for years of screen-free play time.

Our collection of Schleich Asian animal models includes your favorite animals that live on the other side of the globe such as panda bears, white tigers, and Asian elephants. Add an adorable sloth and a fierce anaconda, and your child will have a delightful menagerie of exotic animal models.

Head down under and meet the animals of the Australian outback with our Schleich models that depict the Australian wildlife. Help your child collect a mob of kangaroos, then introduce them to the eucalyptus-loving koala. Purchasing models is a great way to inspire the child in your life to learn more about marsupials, many of which live in Australia and New Guinea (Fun fact: the United States has a marsupial of their own, the opossum).

Animal lovers of all ages will love a Schleich model to call their own. Perfect for playing with or adding a touch of whimsy to a bookshelf or desk, Schleich figurines truly are miniature pieces of artwork. If you have any questions regarding the Schleigh animals that we carry or would like personalized shopping recommendations, we invite you to speak to a member of our friendly sales staff. Schleich toys also make great gifts, so consider making them a part of your holiday and birthday celebrations.