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Flies aren't just annoying for their buzz - constant nagging from flies can irritate your horse's skin, cause him distress, and bites can even cause rashes and infection. All horses have different reactions to flies and pests, so it is important to find the right amount of protection that is right for your horse. The Cheshire Horse offers the right protection for all needs, whether your horse just needs a fly mask to keep the bugs out of his eyes, or a full sheet and accessories to ensure the fewest bugs possible reach his skin.

If your horse needs maximum protection during the buggy season, consider getting him a fly sheet to protect his body. The Cheshire Horse carries a variety of fly sheets for use during turnout and in the barn. For an economical option with good coverage, check out the Saxon Basic Fly Sheet. Our other options feature a variety of great technology to repel bugs. The Weatherbeeta Kool Coat Airstream Detach-A-Neck UV Fly Sheet has many of these features, with UV protection, a detachable neck piece, and fabric that encourages good airflow. Our collection also has fly sheets for use while riding. Both the Cashel Quiet Ride Bug Armor and the Amigo Fly Rider are designed to repel bugs without interfering with a rider's contact with her horse.

The most common fly protection horse owners use is a fly mask. Especially sensitive areas like the eyes and ears are easily protected with a good fly mask. Whether it's for turnout or riding, a fly mask is a great investment. Shop our selection of great options from Cashel, Durvet, Horseware, Shires, and other great brands. An ear net, or fly bonnet, is another great way to protect your horse's ears and face while riding. The Cheshire Horse carries ear nets, with or without tassels, in many different styles.

Some horses stress over bugs on their legs as well. In addition to our other fly products, we carry a selection of leg wraps to repel those pesky flies and keep your horse happy.