Natural Horsemanship

53 Results
53 Results

Natural horsemanship is an approach to training your horse in ways that allow you to communicate with your horse much the same way that horses communicate with one another. By learning this new language, you and your horse are able to converse with each other and work together through your training.

Our library of natural horsemanship books and videos brings you the teachings and philosophies of many renowned horsemen and horsewomen, including Buck Brannaman, Clinton Anderson, Heidi Potter, Sharon Wilsie, and Stacy Westfall. Whether you are halter breaking a young foal, saddle breaking a prospect, or simply trying to improve your communication under saddle, these guides will walk you through the process of working with your horse.

Many equestrians also find that natural horsemanship training inspires them to look within and learn more about themselves. Discover how much horses can teach us by exploring natural horsemanship theory and examining your results.

In addition to our natural horsemanship books and DVDs, we also carry a full selection of natural horsemanship training products and equipment.

Connect with your horse in a whole new way when you utilize our selection of natural horsemanship manuals and theory books. If you have any questions regarding the horse training books that we carry or would like assistance choosing the best natural horsemanship book for your situation, we encourage you to speak with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff.