Arena Supplies

24 Results
24 Results

As equestrians, we understand how important your time riding your horse is, and we strive to make it as enjoyable as possible. Stocking a full selection of arena supplies from Burlingham Sports, GT Reid, High Country Plastics, Horsemen's Pride, and many other trusted manufacturers, we carry everything you need while riding and training your horse.

A mounting block is essential for every equestrian. Not only does a mounting block make it easier to mount your horse, it limits the pulling on your horse's back and prevents the tree of the saddle from twisting. The High Country Plastics 3-Step Mounting Block and the Horsemen's Pride 3-Step Mounting Block are ideal for smaller equestrians or young riders, as well as equestrians that have large horses or riders that may have difficulty stretching their leg into the stirrup. Take your mounting block with you outside the ring with the Schneiders Easy Mount Step Stool; this convenient tool includes a strap so that you can pull it up and place it in your saddlebag, making it perfect to bring out on the trail.

For dressage riders and Western dressage exhibitors, we pride ourselves in our assortment of dressage letters. Practice your test until you have reached perfection with the Rail and Wall Letters from Burlingham Sports or the Shires Self Adhesive Letters. If you cannot set up a permanent dressage arena, the Roma Dressage Cones are easy to set out in your ring each time you ride.

Whether you are an avid gymkhana competitor or just like to have fun in the saddle, we carry a variety of gaming equipment. The Schneiders Rainbow Cones are a delightful addition to the riding ring when teaching beginners; meanwhile, the High Country Plastics Pole Bending Base and High Country Plastics Pole Bending Poles combine to form professional quality equipment.

No matter what discipline you ride and what your training goals may be, The Cheshire Horse has arena supplies that you and your horse can benefit from. For assistance in making your purchase, we invite you to consult with our friendly sales associates who have years of experience in the saddle.