Merino Wool Socks & Undergarments

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45 Results
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At The Cheshire Horse, we love merino wool products. With its unique temperature regulating properties, wool is the perfect fabric for winter, spring, and fall. This natural fiber gently wicks excess moisture away from your body, preventing you from becoming overly warm or catching a chill. We carry an extensive selection of 100% merino wool and wool/silk blend undergarments and socks from luxury woolen mills including Janus Wool, Engel, and Hocosa of Switzerland to keep you comfortable whatever the weather may be.

In the winter months, layering your clothing is one of the best ways to stay warm without overheating. Our high-quality wool undershirts, wool bras, wool leggings, wool long johns, wool tank tops, and wool boxers make superior base layers when dressing for inclement weather. The soft wool is extremely soft and is never itchy against your skin, while the thin fabric fits easily underneath your outer layers. Wool dries much faster than cotton and many synthetic fabrics, ensuring that you are warm in a myriad of circumstances.

Pure merino wool socks are popular for every season and occasion. We carry wool socks designed for high-performance, leisure, and casual wear from popular equestrian apparel brands including Ovation and Carhartt. Pure wool socks offer many advantages over cotton socks, including temperature regulation, moisture absorption, and anti-bacterial and odor-resistant properties. Say goodbye to cotton socks, and treat your feet with a new pair of merino socks!

Learn more about the benefits of wearing wool on our blog post, Discover Winter with Wool. If you have any questions regarding the pure merino wool socks and undergarments that we carry, we encourage you to speak with a member of our knowledgeable and wool-wearing sales staff.