Synthetic Saddles

6 Results
6 Results

Shop our selection of synthetic Western saddles and learn why they have become increasingly popular over recent years. Lightweight, extremely durable, and economical, synthetic Western saddles are commonly used by pleasure riders and trail riders. They can also be seen during schooling rides and riding lessons.

We carry attractive Western synthetic saddles that keep you and your horse comfortable, even on the longest of rides. Available in fun colors and patterns, as well as saddles that offer a leather-like look, our inventory includes your favorite tack brands such as Big Horn, Tough1, and Wintec. With saddles for all ages, we have synthetic youth saddles and synthetic pony saddles in addition to our full-size synthetic saddles. Due to the lightweight nature of these saddles, they are easy for youth and senior riders to tack up their own horses.

Having a saddle that fits your horse correctly is paramount to their comfort and performance. Learn more about the importance of saddle fit on our blog post, Effects of Poor Saddle Fit. We stock a large variety of tree sizes, including full Quarter Horse bars, Semi-Quarter horse bars, and Quarter Horse Bars as well as saddles that are designed to fit gaited breeds and Arabian types. We are pleased to offer professional saddle fitting services to our local customers. Contact us today to set up your saddle fit appointment.

In addition to new synthetic Western saddles, we also carry used synthetic Western saddles on consignment.

Discover why so many of our customers choose to ride in Cordura Western saddles and join the synthetic saddle movement yourself. If you have questions regarding specific saddle measurements or would like assistance choosing the right saddle for you and your horse, we encourage you to speak with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff. We realize that a saddle is a large investment and want you to be confident about your purchase.