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10 Results

Some horses prefer not to wear a bit when being ridden. Whether it has to do with past trauma, the shape of their mouth, or just their disposition, we have the solution for you. Hackamores function similarly to a curb bit, utilizing poll, nose, and jaw pressure, without having anything in your horse's mouth. Just like their traditional bit counterparts, hackamores can be harsh if not used correctly. It is recommended that hackamores are only used by experienced equestrians.

At The Cheshire Horse, we carry an extensive selection of hackamores from trusted equine manufacturers such as Herm Sprenger, Kelley Equestrian, Korsteel, Stubben, and Zilco. The length and shape of the shank determine the severity of the hackamore, as longer shanks provide more poll, jaw, and nose pressure when the reins are used.

The Stubben Steeltec Hackamore, the Korsteel English Hackamore, and the Padded Hackamore from Herm Sprenger are all traditional mechanical hackamore options that are popular among our customers. For more sensitive horses, the Zilco S Hackamore and the Zilco Flower Hackamore are milder options that have less leverage when utilized correctly.

If your horse is experiencing rubs from his hackamore, check out the Hackamore Cover from Fleeceworks to add additional cushioning and protection.

Hackamores are considered unconventional equipment in many disciplines, however they are legal some, such as the jumpers and gymkhana. Even if you do not compete in your hackamore, they can still be a valuable training tool. Refer to your association's rulebook if you have any questions about the legality of your equipment.

Purchasing a bit or a hackamore for your horse can be a difficult process. Consult with our experienced sales staff or read our blog for additional information and assistance in making your purchase.