Poultry Housing

42 Results
42 Results

Home, sweet home! Where do your chickens lay their heads (and their eggs)? The Cheshire Horse is proud to carry an extensive selection of chicken coops and nesting boxes which will keep your feathered friends comfortable, safe, and happy.

Our coops are are Amish built, with high quality pine board and batten siding. Designed to look like small barns, they are a delightful addition to every backyard and farm. Ranging in size from 6'X8' to 6'X13' (with a storage room), our coops can accommodate nearly every size flock. All of our poultry coops come stock with nesting boxes and roosting bars. With ventilation, insulated roofs, and clean-out lids, these coops are made with your chickens' health at the forefront.

We also sell a number of nesting boxes from Miller Manufacturing and Harris Farms to install in your space. Nesting boxes provide your birds with a safe place to lay their eggs. It is recommended that you have one nesting box for every four hens.

We know that your flock doesn't spend all of their time inside. The Cheshire Horse carries an extensive selection of poultry fencing to help you contain your animals. For permanent and semi-permanent solutions, we offer wire enclosures from Rugged Ranch. If you prefer moving your flock frequently throughout the spring, summer, and fall seasons, we have electric fencing from Powerfields that is highly mobile. Electric fencing is a great option to keep poultry in and other animals out.

In order to keep your chickens safe, it is essential that your coop keeps your chickens inside and the predators out. Our experienced sales staff can help you select the perfect housing situation for your flock.