Bit Accessories

55 Results
55 Results

Bits are one of the primary tools that a rider uses to communicate with their horse. We carry a large variety of products to compliment your bit and ensure it's functioning at its full potential. With products from Myler Bits, Ovation, Roma,Tory Leather, Weaver Leather, and a number of other trusted equestrian manufacturers, you can be assured that the comfort of your horse's mouth is in the best of hands.

While snaffles are straightforward bits, sometimes they need a little support to work properly. Bit keepers are essential if you ride in a full-cheek snaffle. The Tory Leather Bit Loops will keep your bit properly positioned in your horse's mouth. Loose-ring snaffles have the potential to pinch your horse, so protect their delicate lips with the Gel Bit Guard from Acavallo or the Equi-Essentials Rubber Bit Guards.

If you ride your horse in a pelham or a kimberwicke bit, you know all too well that curb chains can occasionally go missing. We have a number of replacement curb chains, curb chain hooks, and curb straps. Be sure to keep extras in your tack trunk. Sensitive horses that are ridden in curb bits often respond well to a padded chain. The Gel Curb Chain Guard from Acavallo and the EquiFit T-Foam CurbChain Cover are both excellent options for their comfort.

Do you like the functionality of a pelham bit with the convenience of a single rein? We stock converters that attach to the snaffle and curb loops of a pelham bit and allow the bit to be used with one rein. The Gatsby Bit Converter and Bobby's Bit Converter are high quality leather pieces that are popular among our customers.

As equestrians, we understand how difficult it can be to find the proper bit and bit accessories for your horse. Consult with our friendly sales staff with years of experience in the saddle to help you determine which products you and your horse may benefit from.