Grooming Tools

301 Results
301 Results

You arrive at the barn eager to ride, only to find a mud encrusted horse who clearly enjoyed his time in the pasture. Don't fret! We're here to tell you that you can tackle any grooming job (big or small!) if you have the right tools.

At The Cheshire Horse, we carry an extensive selection of grooming tools to ensure that you can efficiently remove dirt, dander, and excess hair from your horse while bonding with him. Grooming is a wonderful time to connect with your horse, as well as giving you the perfect opportunity to carefully check for lumps, bumps and scratches that he may have acquired in the pasture. Don't forget to check for ticks as well!

With brushes, curry combs,hoof picks, shedding blades, sponges, and sweat scrapers from well-respected companies such as Andis, Jacks, Hill Brush Company, Equi-Essentials, and Oster you can be assured that we have everything that you need to properly groom your horse. Each of these grooming aids are available in both natural and synthetic materials, helping you to ensure a happy, healthy, and clean equine companion!

We also offer complete grooming kits to take the guesswork out of buying brushes. With options available for the experienced equestrian, like the Oster Equine Care Series 7-Piece Grooming Kit, as well the new leadliner, such as the Roma Pony Grooming Kit, we truly have a kit for everyone.

After a good grooming session, chances are your horse is clean… but are your brushes? Don't forget to add Hill Brush Company Brush Therapy to your cart to assist your in cleansing and caring for your grooming tools.

Our friendly and experienced sales staff are always available to answer any questions you may have to help you feel confident in your purchase.