Women's Merino Wool

45 Results
45 Results

For the busy equestrian on the go, merino wool clothing is a popular option during the cold winter months. Warm, soft, and insulating, our inventory of pure merino wool clothing is never itchy. This natural fiber is particularly useful for active winter activities, because it wicks sweat away from your skin and prevents you from catching a chill. Whatever the weather may be, you can tackle anything your active lifestyle throws your way in merino wool.

We carry a selection of wool clothing products which are specifically designed to fit and flatter a woman's body from exclusive woolen mills including Engel and Janus Wool. Stay warm from head to toe with our assortment of wool hats, wool tank tops, wool shirts, wool leggings, wool tights, wool boxers, wool yoga pants, and wool socks. Wool is appropriate for nearly every occasion; we have pieces perfect for lounging by the fire, heading to work, snowshoeing, or riding your horse.

For work around the barn, a wool balaclava protects your ears, neck, and face from the cold. With its thin construction, it can even be worn underneath an equestrian helmet.

Learn more about the benefits of wool on our blog post, Discover Winter with Wool. If you have any questions regarding the sizing of our women’s wool products or would like assistance making your merino wool clothing purchase, we encourage you to speak with a member of our friendly and experienced sales team. Hailing from New England, we know a thing or two about staying warm in frigid temperatures.