Limited Edition Models

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32 Results

In addition to the regular run traditional, freedom, and stablemate models, Breyer Model Horses from Reeves International routinely release Limited Edition model horses. Typically these models have smaller run numbers and are manufactured for a brief period of time, which makes them highly valued by collectors. You can learn more about model horse collecting on our blog post, A Look into Highly Collectible Breyers.

We are proud to carry a number of the Limited Edition Breyer Horses each year. One of the most popular versions is their annual holiday horse, which features festive attire. Collectors and equine enthusiasts of all ages love these beautiful models -- in addition to being highly collectible, they also add a lovely equestrian flair to your holiday decor! We also carry the annual Breyer Horse Christmas Ornaments and the highly desired Breyer Horse Stirrup Ornaments.

As a Flagship Breyer Horse dealer, we are passionate about Breyer Horses. We are able to offer our customers the Brick and Mortar Special Edition Model each year. This special model is only available for purchase in-store and is not available online. Stop in and see us so that you can pick up this exciting member of our model horse collection.

Whether you are a serious Breyer Horse collector or are simply getting started in the hobby, our Limited Edition Breyer Model Horses are sure to be a prized addition to your herd. These beautifully painted models truly are works of art.