Turnout Sheets

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23 Results

A turnout sheet for a horse is versatile, durable, and should fit just right. If you are shopping for a new turnout sheet for your horse, pony, or draft, we have the quality sheets you are looking for. Our expert staff is here to guide you to find a sheet with the best fit, quality, and price for you.

The Cheshire Horse has a wide selection of brands that offer various price points. The Horseware turnout sheet is stocked in all styles, like Rambo, Rhino, Amigo, and Mio. With turnout sheets from Bucas, Horze, and Weatherbeeta, we offer you sizes that fit pony to draft horses. To learn more about turnout sheets and blankets visit our blog.

Lightweight sheets contain no fill and can be used as a layering piece to offer more warmth to a horse in the winter. Pair it with a lightweight to heavyweight stable blanket, and you have a warm horse who can stay out in almost any weather. A turnout sheet can also be used alone in the spring as a rain sheet or as a cooler in any season; the mesh lining is breathable and allows excess heat to escape. Pair it with an Irish knit string sheet, and you have a breathable but waterproof cooler.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the right turnout sheet for your horse. Do you need a high-neck sheet or a sheet with a removable hood? Do you have a horse with a broad neck and need a full neck with adjustable front closures? Do you need a turnout sheet with leg straps or without leg straps? Do you have a horse that is tough on blankets, or is turned out with other horses? Rambo turnout sheets are made with a waterproof, breathable, durable fabric that resists tears and would be a great option. If you have a larger pony, a Saxon turnout sheet could fit the best because it has a shorter drop than other blankets.

If you're unsure of what turnout sheet you need, bring in a picture and measurement of your horse, and our expert staff can assist you. With various colors, patterns, and plaids always in stock, you can find the right turnout sheet that fits your horse and shows off your style!