10 Results
10 Results

Get a grip on course or out on the trail with set of studs from The Cheshire Horse. Designed specifically for slick footing such as mud or wet grass, studs allow your horse to dig into the footing and focus on the job at hand.

We carry studs that screw directly into horse shoes, as well as studs that screw into hoof boots. If you use studs with traditional shoes, you will need to work with your farrier to have stud holes drilled into the shoes before they are nailed to your horse's hoof. These threaded holes can then be filled with cotton or stud plugs, like the Nunn Finer The Easiest Plugs Yet or the Nunn Finer Stud Blanks, to keep the holes clean. When you need to use studs, simply remove the plugs, dust the holes (the Nunn Finer Easiest Stud Cleaner Yet works great!), then screw in the studs. Select your stud based on the footing you will be riding on that day, for example the Equi-Essentials 8-3/8" Four Sided Grass Studs are ideal for digging into the turf.

For equestrians that choose to use hoof boots such as Easyboots or Cavallo Boots, we carry studs that easily screw into the sole of the boot. These studs, including the Cavallo Simple Studs and the Easyboot Quick Studs, come in contact with the ground, but never your horse's hoof. Whether your riding on rough terrain on the trails or practicing your canter transitions in a wet grass riding ring, studs add stability and surefootedness to your ride.

Tackle slippery footing with a new set of studs. If you have questions about studs and how you and your horse can utilize them, we invite you to connect with a member of our friendly sales staff who have years of experience in the barn and in the saddle.