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22 Results
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Captivate your child’s imagination with our selection of fantasy models from Schleich. Manufactured from durable rubber and completed with highly detailed paint jobs, these realistic toys will withstand years of play. Carrying unicorn models, pegasus models, and pegacorn models (winged unicorns), in both realistic and rainbow colors, our fantasy toys will delight every young equestrian and animal lover. With unicorn stallions, mares, and foals, your child will enjoy building a unicorn family that resembles their own.

For the active collector, fantasy equine models are also eligible to compete in many model horse shows. Learn about this exciting new hobby that is enjoyed by enthusiasts of all ages on our blog post, Pint-Sized Competition: Discover the World of Model Horse Showing.

In addition to our Schleich unicorns and Schleich pegasuses, we also carry a full inventory of African Wildlife models, American Wildlife models, Arctic and Oceanic Wildlife models, Asian and Australian Wildlife models, Dog models, Horse models, and Farm Animal models. Complete your collection with our models of Buildings and Schleich Horse Riding Sets.

Whether your child has a single Schleich model or is collecting an entire herd, a realistic fantasy model will be treasured for years to come. They also make wonderful presents and are perfect for holiday gifts and birthday gifts. If you have any questions regarding the Schleich fantasy models that we carry or would like assistance making your model unicorn or model pegasus purchase, we invite you to speak with a member of our friendly and experienced sales staff.