Sweat Scrapers

19 Results
19 Results

After giving your horse a bath, a sweat scraper is the perfect tool to quickly and efficiently remove the excess water from your horse's coat. This simple product is the best way to help your horse dry off faster.

Sweat scrapers are available in two basic styles, a straight style and rounded squeegee style. We carry aluminium, rubber, and plastic scrapers from trusted equine brands like Effol, Oster, Roma, Tail Tamer, and Weaver Leather.

Simple and easy to use, the Roma Plastic Curved Sweat Scraper and the Tail Tamer Soft Touch Half Moon Scraper quickly remove water from your horse.Their ergonomic handles ensure a secure grip in your hand. These rounded squeegee style sweat scrapers are popular among many equestrians, since the rubber portion gently conforms to your horse's unique shape.

The traditional straight style scraper is still loved by many equestrians. Very low profile, it slips easily into your bathing kit as you head out to the wash stall. The Jacks Aluminum Sweat Scraper is extremely durable, which is appreciated on show days when bathing on pavement. The Roma Plastic Curved Sweat Scrapers are available in a wide array of colors, making it easy to tell which scraper is yours in a busy wash rack.

For young equestrians, small ponies, and very small equines (miniature horses), the Jacks Mini Sweat Scraper is the perfect size. Bath time doesn't need to be a big ordeal with this small bathing accessory.

A quality sweat scraper is essential for every grooming kit and bath bucket. If you have any questions about the products that we carry or would like assistance in making product selection, we invite you reach out to a member of our experienced sales staff. As equestrians, we have years of hands on experience with the products that we carry in store and online.