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102 Results
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A well-fitting all-purpose saddle pad protects both your horse's back and your saddle. By providing a bit of cushioning for your horse's back and helping to prevent saddle sores, the saddle pad makes a huge difference in your horse's comfort over the duration of your ride. Saddle pads also absorb sweat and provide some protection for your saddle from the caustic effects of sweat and horse hair.

We carry both square and contoured all-purpose saddle pads from trusted equestrian brands, including Fleeceworks, Toklat, TuffRider, Union Hill Lettia, and Woof Wear. White shaped saddle pads, either fleece or quilted, are appropriate for competitions. The square, quilted saddle pads are available in a rainbow of colors and a wide array of patterns, and typically these are used for schooling purposes. From high-quality, luxury saddle pads to well-made economical saddle pad options, we carry something for every equestrian's taste and budget.

Horses with sore backs and stiff back muscles can benefit from a therapeutic all-purpose saddle pad. The Back on Track All Purpose Saddle Pad is infused with a fine ceramic material that warms your horse's back muscles and promotes healing; learn more about an employee's experience with this pad on our blog post, Back on Track All Purpose Saddle Pad Review.

All purpose saddle pads are specifically designed to fit with all-purpose saddles, which are popular among hunter/jumper and eventing riders. Many equestrians also use the square all-purpose pads with close-contact saddles and cutback saddles.

Our experienced and friendly sales staff is always available to help you select the right saddle pad for you and your horse.