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65 Results

The gate is the most vulnerable area of many fencing enclosures. Horses, cows, and other livestock quickly learn that gates are the location where they are able to enter and exit their pasture, which occasionally causes them to test their boundaries. In order to keep your animals safely contained, a secure and sturdy gate is essential. It is also important that the gates are easy to operate, something that is especially important when you are trying to bring excited horses into the barn.

We carry a full selection of gates and gate latches to ensure that your paddock securely locks and keeps your animals contained. With hardware from trusted manufacturers like Dare, Field Guardian, Powerfields, Scenic Road Manufacturing, and Zareba, The Cheshire Horse has strong, effective options available for wooden, vinyl, woven wire, electric wire, and electric tape fencing.

One-handed gate latches are extremely convenient, especially around feeding time when you may have your hands full. The Powerfields Lone Wolf Gate Latch opens and closes easily, making it popular among many barn owners. It is also extremely safe, with no protruding pieces that could endanger your animals.

The Dare Slinky Gate retracts when not in use. This makes it an ideal option for temporary electric gates. The unique function also keeps the gate off the ground when not in use.

Selecting the proper gate for your farm is an important decision. To answer any questions you may have about the products that we carry or if you would like assistance in making your purchase, we invite you to connect with a member of our friendly sales staff.

We also provide fencing installation services for our local customers, please contact us for details or to get an estimate.