Blanket Accessories

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38 Results
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We know that selecting the perfect blanket for your horse can be a difficult process. After all, once you consider size, weight, and denier, you have the nearly impossible job of deciding which color best shows off your horse's adorable face. At The Cheshire Horse, we know that blankets are investment, both in your time and monetarily. Our extensive selection of blanket accessories ensures that your blankets will last as long as possible (or at least as long as your rowdy pony will let them!).

We carry blanket washes, deodorizers, and waterproofing solutions, from a number of trustworthy brands such as Nikwax, Leather Therapy, Bucas, Horseware, and Schnieders. These specifically formulated products are safe to use on horse blankets, without causing any degradation of the material. If your blanket looks less than ideal after being stored during the off-season, don't fret. A bottle of OdorKlenz Laundry Additive - Mildew and Odor Remover will help you restore your blankets to their previous condition.

Be sure to throw a Tear Mender Horse Blanket Repair Kit Plus or a Rambo Blanket Repair Kit in your tack trunk in case of emergencies. They allow you make small blanket repairs with ease. These kits also makes a great (and practical!) gift for your trainer and barn mates.

Horses can be rough on their blankets. We carry a wide assortment of replacement parts to keep your blanket in top working condition. Whether you need an additional leg strap, surcingle, or chest buckle, we have the supplies to keep your horse safe, secure, and warm. We even carry Surcingle T Locks to prevent accidental unbuckling of straps when your horses are playing hard in the pasture.