Half Cheek Bits

8 Results
8 Results

Half-cheek bits may not be seen as often their full-cheek, eggbutt, and dee-ring counterparts, but these interesting snaffles serve a great purpose. Half-cheek bits are primarily used for driving, with the bottom cheek ensuring that the bit does not slide through the horse's mouth when rein commands are given. Unlike full-cheek snaffles, the half-cheek does not have an upper cheek. This is so that the bit will not tangle with the over-check or other harness or bridle pieces.

Carrying half-cheek snaffles from Coronet, Intrepid International, Shires, and Weaver Leather, we are able to offer a wide range of sizes. If you are a miniature horse aficionado, we have options for you including the Weaver Miniature Half Cheek Mullen Driving Bit and the Shires Mini Mullen Half Cheek Snaffle.

In order to support your driving horse's needs, we have a wide array of mouthpieces. With mullen mouth, Dr. Bristol, copper mouth, corkscrew, and smooth jointed mouthpieces, our experienced sales staff can help you to select the right half-cheek bit for you and your horse. The Coronet Robart Pinchless Half Cheek Driving Bit is popular among our customers with its unique rotating joint that helps protect your horse's lips and tongue from being pinched.

While the half-cheek bit is popular in driving events, it is considered unconventional equipment in many mounted disciplines. They are still a terrific bit for training rides however! Please make sure that you consult with your association's rulebook before entering the show ring with any new equipment.