Driving Bits

11 Results
11 Results

Many Cheshire Horse customers are driving enthusiasts. We carry a full array of tack developed specifically for driving horses, including an extensive selection of driving bits from trusted equine manufacturers such as Intrepid International, Coronet, and Weaver Leather.

Half-cheek bits are popular for driving. The lower cheek prevents the bit from sliding through the horse's mouth. Meanwhile, unlike a full-cheek snaffle, the lack of the upper cheek ensures that the bit will not become tangled with the over-check or other harness pieces. We carry half-cheek bits in a wide variety of mouthpieces, including mullen mouth half-cheeks, Dr. Bristol half-cheeks, copper mouth half-cheeks, and corkscrew half-cheeks, so that you can purchase the proper bit for your individual horse.

For additional control, Butterfly Driving Bits, like the Intrepid Butterfly French Link 2 Loop Driving Bit and the Intrepid Butterfly Medium Port 2 Loop Driving Bit, provide poll, chin, and bar pressure which produces lateral flexion. This curb bit is a great fit for stronger horses and experienced equestrians.

If you drive a small pony or a miniature horse, we encourage you to shop our selection of miniature horse bits.

Learn more about selecting the right bit for your horse on our blog, A Bit Confused About Bits. If you have any questions about the driving bits that we carry or would like assistance making your selection, we invite you to connect with a member of our friendly and experienced sales staff.