Myler Bits

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11 Results

Designed with your horse’s anatomy in mind, Myler Bits were developed by three brothers who are third generation horsemen: Ron, Dale and Bob Myler. Their innovative line of bits works on a graduated system that rewards the performance horse with less tongue pressure as they become more responsive to the rein aids.

At The Cheshire Horse, we carry a full selection of Western Myler bits, including Western snaffles, Western curbs, and combination bits. The Myler bitting system works on the principles that once a horse begins to show signs of resistance, they are ready for a more mild bit and increased freedom.

The system is broken into three distinct levels. Level One Myler Bits introduce green horses to direct rein pressure and help to teach them the basics of under saddle work; they also feature independent movement of each side of the bit to help your horse turn and bend. Level Two Myler Bits focus on introducing the concept of tongue pressure and relief to your horse who is becoming more broke to under saddle work. Level Three Myler Bits are designed for highly trained performance horses; they have wide ports that maximum tongue relief while allowing you to fine tune your aids and communication between you and your horse. Learn more about the various Myler Bit Levels and making your Myler Bit purchase on our blog post, Choosing the Right Myler Bit for Your Horse.

Many of the Myler bits feature copper or sweet iron inserts which encourage you horse to salivate. Salivation while being ridden helps to keep your horse’s mouth soft and supple over the course of your ride.

In addition to our Myler bits for the Western rider, we also carry a complete inventory of English Myler Bits.

See how utilizing a Myler bit can transform the communication between you and your horse. If you have any questions regarding proper Myler bit sizing or would like assistance selecting the best Myler bit for your horse, we encourage you to speak to a member of our friendly and highly-trained sales staff.