Foal Blankets

8 Results
8 Results

Bundle up your new bundle of joy! Foaling season is an exciting time of year, with new beginnings and adorable baby antics. Foals that are born early in the season are prime candidates for foal blankets. They simply haven't had time to develop a wooly winter coat and are at risk for cold-related illnesses and conditions in frigid temperatures.

We carry a variety of foal blankets from Horseware and Schneiders to keep your baby warm and toasty no matter what the weather may be. From your foal's first steps to their routine gallop around the pasture, we have the right blanket for your baby horse and your situation.

The Schneiders UltraFlex Foal Saver helps to prevent hypothermia during those critical first hours of your foal's life. We understand that foals come in all shapes and sizes, so this thermal blanket is highly adjustable in every direction. The patented Tekno-Dri lining keeps your foal both warm and dry when they are lying on wet, damp ground. It is truly a must for horses born early in the season in cold climates like New England.

When it is time for the baby to venture outside, we have a selection of turnout blankets as well. Ideal for inclement weather, the Horseware Amigo Foal Turnout Medium 200g and the Amigo Foal Blanket are waterproof options that are popular among our customers. Foals grow fast, these blankets feature a unique adjustment system that allows the blanket to literally grow right along with them.

A high-quality foal blanket should be a part of your birthing kit, no matter when your mare is due. If you have questions about which blanket would fit your needs the best or what else would be beneficial to have on hand when your mare is due to foal, please consult with our experienced sales staff.