Goat Feed

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40 Results

Goats are a lively addition to every farm. Whether you raise goats for milk, meat, fiber, show, or simply enjoyment, quality nutrition is essential for their long-term health. We carry a selection of goat grains from trusted livestock mills, including Purina Mills, Kalmbach Feeds, High Noon, Nutrena, and Evolved Habitats. Our wide variety includes feeds formulated for all of life’s stages, with grains for pregnant and lactating does, kids, show goats, finishing meat bucks, and more.

Calcium is an essential nutrient for all goats. A lack of calcium in the diet may cause kidney stones (urinary calculi) in wethers and intact males and may lead to milk fever (hypocalcemia) in pregnant or lactating does. If your feed does not contain adequate calcium levels, consider a fortified mineral block, such as the Purina Mills Goat Block, to supplement your goat’s diet with calcium and other important vitamins and minerals.

Due to the weight of these products, they may incur an additional shipping charge. We also offer free pick-up service from our Swanzey, NH, location. Local customers are also eligible for bulk feed delivery services.

Help your goats thrive with the proper goat feed and goat supplements from The Cheshire Horse. If you have any questions about the proper feed for an individual goat or your entire herd, we invite you to set up a complimentary nutrition consultation with a member of our helpful and highly-trained sales staff.