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402 Results

Schleich was founded in 1935 in Germany by Friedrich Schleich, a man known for his tinkering. Throughout history, Schleich has become famous for its realistic hand painted toys and models. This company's main values are educational; they strive to put their impact on children's learning before their sales, which reflects in their toy's quality and attention to detail. At The Cheshire Horse you'll find a diverse collection of Schleich models that your child will adore.

For the animal lover, you'll find countless Schleich models of wildlife from all over the world, livestock, and pets. Go to Africa with a Schleich African Elephant, or maybe to Australia with a Schleich Kangaroo. Or connect to our own country's natural roots with a classic Schleich American Bison. Your child can play with a variety of pets, horses, and livestock too, especially with all of the accessories like the Schleich Stable Medical Kit or the Schleich Farm Life Playmat.

The horse lover can find shelter for her models in a Schleich model farm. Among these wonderful collections, you'll find wonderful compilations of farm buildings, animals, and supplies like the Schleich Horse Stall with Arab Horses & Groom Play Set or the Schleich Farm World Stable with Horses and Accessories. Shop our collection for many other great gift sets.

Push your child's imagination with models from our Prehistoric and World of Fantasy Schleich models. They can travel back to the Mesozoic Era with any of the realistic dinosaur models, or go beyond the limits of reality with a fantastical unicorn.

Shop Schleich at The Cheshire Horse for gifts any child will cherish.