Fly Tape & Traps

18 Results
18 Results

When flies start swarming in the barn, it can be not only annoying to your horse, but also dangerous. Flies, mosquitoes, and other biting insects can carry a myriad of harmful diseases such as West Nile Disease and Equine Infectious Anemia. As part of your insect control program, we recommend placing traps to remove the flying insect population in your stable.

We carry an extensive selection of fly tapes and fly traps for an easy fix to a big problem. Carrying a myriad of products from trusted manufacturers such as Bonide, BugPellent, Manna Pro, Rescue, and StarBar, we want to help you tell those pesky bugs to bug off!

A perennial favorite among our customers, fly tape, such as, TERRO Fly Magnet Sticky Fly Paper Trap, Woodstream Victor Fly Ribbon Roll, and the Rescue 3 Pack Fly Tape, is easy to use and easy to confirm that it is working. Simply hang from the ceiling or a rafter and watch them attract and catch flies.

For larger insect infestations, fly traps may be more effective. The RESCUE POP! Fly Trap uses an attractant to lure flying insects into the plastic container, the innovative design makes it so that they cannot leave once they have entered. The clean-up is easy as well, after the container is full of flies, you can lock it closed and place it right in the trash!

Eradicate ticks from your property using Damminix Tick Tubes. Mice bring this mild insecticide permethrin back to their nests with cotton nesting material, this does not harm the mice or the owls and hawks that eat them, but keeps them from spreading deer ticks and Lyme disease.

Do you have questions about how to best utilize fly traps and fly tape in your barn? Contact our friendly sales staff who have years of hands on horse experience.