Synthetic Girths

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12 Results
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Neoprene girths and synthetic girths are popular among many equestrians. They are extremely durable and easy to care for, while also being a budget-friendly girth option. We carry synthetic dressage girths, synthetic hunter/jumper girths, and synthetic endurance girths in a wide variety of sizes to accommodate horses of every shape and English discipline. Studies have shown that girths with elastic on both sides allow the pressure of the girth to be equalized across the rib cage of the horse, which increases comfort and performance.

With synthetic girths available from all your favorite equestrian brands, including Horse Fare, Professional's Choice, and Wintec, we carry both straight and shaped girth varieties. Many neoprene girths provide a non-slip grip which assists in keeping your saddle securely in place.

If you have a horse with sensitive skin or one who is prone to girth galls, consider a fleece-lined girth or a chafeless synthetic girth. A soft fleece lining can eliminate pinching of the delicate skin the the elbow area.

Shaped girths are curved in order to accommodate your horse's anatomy. This allows for a full range of movement in the shoulder area.

In addition to our assortment of English synthetic girths, we carry a complete line of synthetic Western cinches.

Whether you are looking for a girth for schooling or for horse shows, our selection of synthetic girth ensures that you will find what you need. If you have any questions about girth sizing or would like details on the merits of a particular girth, our experienced and friendly sales staff is always available to assist you.