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15 Results
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When cleaning and conditioning your tack and leather horse equipment, having the right tools for the job makes it an easy task. We carry properly sized sponges, applicators, and lint-free towels which will allow you to quickly clean your tack, while efficiently removing dirt, horse hair, and sweat from your tack, and then apply a leather conditioning product of your choice.

For many equestrians, small sponges are the tool of choice for cleaning their tack. They absorb product as well as water to prevent messes from occurring when scrubbing down your tack. We carry sponges of every size and in a rainbow of colors to fit in every equestrian's hand and tack cleaning kit. Shop our collection of equestrian sponges from your favorite farm supply brands including Carr & Day & Martin, GT Reid, Hydra, and Tail Tamer.

Microfiber cloths are popular for quick tack touch-ups. They easily pick up dust, making them perfect for wiping off your saddle before tacking up your horse. We carry a selection of microfiber cloths and mitts from Equine Comfort Products (ECP) and Lexol.

Wiping off your boots before you enter the show ring puts the polish on your turnout and demonstrates respect for the judge and your performance. We recommend using a microfiber cloth or the Effax Speedy Shine Sponge, which removes the dirt while imparting a lasting shine.

In addition to our tack cleaning sponges and applicators, we also carry a full selection of tack cleaning supplies including leather dressings, leather oils, leather cleaners, leather conditioners, leather polishes, leather dyes, and leather weatherproofing supplies.

Keep your leather tack and equipment properly cleaned and conditioned with the help of our leather cleaning applicators and sponges. Learn more about the importance of cleaning your tack and proper tack cleaning procedure on our blog post, TLC: Tack Love and Care. If you have any questions regarding the tack sponges that we carry or would like assistance choosing the best microfiber cloth for cleaning your tack, we invite you to speak with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable sales team who have years of practice caring for their own saddles, bridles, and harnesses.