Alternative Bridles

26 Results
26 Results

Are you looking for a different kind of bridle for your horse? For horses with sensitive heads or anatomical limitations, our extensive selection of alternative bridles may assist your horse in becoming more comfortable through their head and neck (and therefore their whole body) while being ridden. We have a wide variety of bitted and bitless alternative bridles from Horseware, Horze, PHS Saddlery, Wintec, and Zilco.

Many horses that have had trauma in their mouths or have sensitive lips and tongues are more comfortable when ridden in a bitless bridle. We offer a complete line of Dr. Cook bitless bridles, including beta, nylon, English, and Western styles. This innovative bitless bridle design evenly distributes pressure all over the horse's head and utilizes small amounts of poll, cheek, and nose pressure to effectively communicate with your horse. We also carry the Horze Bitless Bridle.

The Rambo Micklem Competition Bridle is specifically designed to remove pressure from your horse's delicate facial fascia. Taking anatomical pressure points into account, many sensitive horses respond well to this competition quality bridle. Although it may look a bit unconventional, it is legal in the dressage arena and in many other competitive venues. It is also available in a bitless option, the Rambo Micklem Bitless Multibridle with Rubber Reins. Learn how to properly fit a Micklem Bridle on our blog.

We also carry bridles that are made from vegan leather. These synthetic bridles, like the Wintec Synthetic Bridle, look and function like a typical bridle without the environmental effects.

If you need assistance in selecting a bridle for your horse, please don't hesitate to reach out to our experienced sales staff. We love talking about tack and equipment with our customers!