First Aid & Wound Care

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202 Results
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Everyone dreads going out to the barn and finding an injured animal, but don't panic if an injury does happens. We have the knowledge and the products to help you treat most any wound for your horse or livestock. Whether you are preventing proud flesh, or treating an eye injury, we have what you need. Choose from all natural products or tried and true remedies, or even the latest and greatest products on the market! Be sure to read our blog post on equine emergencies for more tips.

Keep The Cheshire Horse All Natural Healing Salve on hand to help heal minor cuts and scrapes or Alu-Shield to quickly cover wounds that are hard to wrap. Looking for the good ole' Blue Kote or Red Kote? We have it! We also have antiseptic and antibacterial treatments, creams, washes, and shampoos to help you treat common skin irritations. Shapley's MTG is one of the most effective antifungal treatments on the market that is known to prevent hair loss and scarring from skin issues like rain rot, scratches, mud fever, sweet itch.

Experience the wonderful effects of all-natural products that contain herbal and non-toxic ingredients, yet are effective in wound care. Learn how silver treatments work great as an all natural antibiotic, efficient in treating minor wounds without the use of veterinary prescribed antibiotics. Or how arnica is a tried and true, all natural treatment for pain which reduces swelling and inflammation quickly, so you see fast results. A popular fast acting pain relief liniment containing arnica that equine professionals have used for years is Sore No More by Arenus. Combine this with the Kinesiology Tape for Horses and treating muscle soreness is easy!

With affordable over the counter products that are competitively priced and all the accessories you need for treating any type of wound, The Cheshire Horse is the place you will want to go to stock up on the essentials. We have bandages, scissors, stethoscopes, soaking boots, ice packs and even exam gloves both in latex and rubber. Healing products from Animed and Durvet allow us to offer generic over the counter options, that will save you money and the hassle of a prescription.

Read our latest blog post on essential items that offer tips on how to build a first aid kit or come in the store and we can help you put together your own - for the barn or trailer!