Stall Mats

10 Results
10 Results

We all want our horses to be comfortable while in the barn. A set of quality stalls mats is the ideal place to start. Stall mats will reduce the pressure on your horse's joints, giving them a bit of cushion and support on hard surfaces.

Stall mats are not just beneficial for your horse. You will find that they literally pay for themselves. An economical option, stall mats reduce the amount of bedding that you need to use and cut down immensely on the length of time that it takes to clean the stall.

However, stall mat have more applications than those in the stable. Our customers have been creative in their use, and have purchased them for truck beds, barn aisles, trailers, gym flooring, basement flooring, and kennels.

Our popular stall mats are available in both square and interlocking shapes from The Rubberman and North West Rubber. These stall mats are easy to install and can easily be cut with a utility knife to accomodate for variously shaped and sized stalls. Non-slip and durable, it is no wonder they are a favorite among our loyal customers.

For stall mats on the go, look to the Rubberman 3' x 4' x 7/8" TRU-LITE Portable Stall Mats. These mats are extremely lightweight and portable, making them great for horse shows and temporary situations. Just remember, these mats are not meant for long term use.

The North West Rubber Wash Ring Mat is a traditional footing choice for wash stalls. These interlocking mats contain holes to allow the water to permeate while still creating a safe footing surface. Ring mats are great for wash stalls, and around hot tubs, patios, and swimming pools. These porous mats are not ideal for horse stalls as they cause urine and ammonia to collect which will result in a malodorous environment.

Do you have questions about our stall mats and what would be the right choice for your application? Our experienced sales staff can guide you through your purchase. We can also assist you in special ordering mats including larger sizes and additional lightweight options.