Leather Conditioners

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50 Results
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Maintain the integrity of your tack and leather equipment with our wide variety of leather conditioners. These products keep the leather soft and supple while helping to prevent it from cracking. Protect your leather tack and equine equipment while restoring it to optimal, safe condition.

Our selection of leather conditioners, leather creams, leather oils, leather dressings, and leather balms includes many trusted tack care suppliers such as G. Passier & Sohn, Jeffries Saddlery, Leovet, Lexol, MOSS Naturals, and Stubben. Containing ingredients like mink oil, neatsfoot oil, and beeswax, leather conditioning products simulate the natural oils found in leather and add much needed moisture back into the leather.

When applying a conditioner, use a lint-free cloth or sponge to spread thin layers of the product in a circular motion. The conditioning process is an excellent time to examine the stitching of your tack and ensure that there are no rips or deep cracks that could be a safety concern.

We also carry all-in-one leather cleaning and conditioning products, which makes it quick and easy to properly care for your tack. Shop our inventory of convenient leather care products from your favorite equestrian brands including Leather CPR, Farnam Horse Health Products, Fiebing's, Leather Therapy, and Absorbine.

Utilizing leather conditioners can extend the life of your tack while giving it a deep, well-cared for patina. Learn more about properly conditioning your leather on our blog post, TLC: Tack Love and Care. If you have questions regarding a specific leather care products or would like assisting choosing the best leather conditioner for your needs, we invite you to speak to a member of our friendly and knowledgeable sales staff, all of which have years of hands on experience cleaning and conditioning saddles, bridles, harnesses, and other tack.